The historic gem at 220 Travis Street bears a rich history, which unfolded long before guests filled its rooms and revelers occupied its neighboring rooftop. The five-story building housed a pharmacy after its construction near the turn of the 20th century. Two Welsh brothers, John W. Morris and Thomas Henry Morris, opened Morris & Co.

The apothecary later caught the attention of Dr. Samuel Dickson and his brother. After the duo invested in the company, the name changed to Morris & Dickson Co., Ltd. The company grew successfully, transforming into a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor. Due to space restrictions at its downtown location, Morris & Dickson moved to another facility on the outskirts of Shreveport in 1985.

Remodeled by a group of Shreveport companies, the hotel housed offices and 22 rooms. Around 100 celebrities, including Morgan Freeman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gerard Butler, have stayed at the hotel since the rise of the Louisiana film industry.

The Remington's interior continually changes, shifting its layout to accommodate guests and design to fit the era. It's seen as a place for out-of-towners, musicians and actors to stay and beginners in the hospitality industry to learn and grow. The Remington aims to become the first choice for lodging in the minds of travelers. It also hopes to continue to be a positive presence in the redevelopment of downtown Shreveport.